Life Insurance in Nevada

Taking appropriate Life Insurance means that you are protecting your loved ones from an uncertain future. You will rest assured knowing that you planned everything accordingly for them, and that is why at Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV, we provide the most valuable Life Insurance coverage to take care of your family long after you are gone. Our team of qualified professionals who are trained to understand Life Insurance will provide you with the utmost support when trying to find the right policy to suit all of your needs and those of your family.

If you live in Nevada and need Life Insurance policies, you should know that there are two distinguished types of Life Insurance. These policies are dependent on what is your ideal coverage option.

Term Life Insurance

This type of policy pays if you, as the insured person, would die during the term of your insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance

On the other hand, this is an insurance policy that offers long-term investment benefits. In comparison, combining the death benefit coverage option of a term life insurance policy with an investment feature allows a beneficiary to build cash value over some time. So, if the premium is paid, then this policy will remain in place. This type of policy has four types of insurance coverage options.

  • Whole Life Insurance - offers a fixed premium and doesn't allow flexibility for investment or changes.
  • Universal Life Insurance - the policyholder can determine premium payments but doesn't offer investment flexibility.
  • Variable Life Insurance - investment funds can be allocated in the stock market, which poses a market risk.
  • Variable Universal Insurance - the combination of all the three components allows it to be the most flexible.

Your life insurance needs matter to us, and that is why we work tirelessly to provide you the right kind of options and competitive premium rates.

To get the most out of your Life Insurance policy, give us a call today, or visit our office in Las Vegas, NV.

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